• 1st 8μmInfrared Detector

    wesecuu released world's 1st 8μm 1920×1280 infrared detector of world’s smallest pixel size.

  • Ultra Clear –Crisp and Sharp Images

    Ultra Clear Technology with Matrix IIITM Image Processing Algorithm provides high definition thermal images with rich details.

  • AI-Temp AI-Temp Measurement Technology

    AI-Temp Technology integrated in the thermal camera provides high-accuracy temperature measurement and intelligent analysis.

  • 7,200,000 InfraredChip Production Capacity

    Capable to provide 7,200,000 infrared chips every year, guaranteed by strict QC system and CNAS certified lab.

wesecuu leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA
R&D engineers account for 48% of total 1200+ staff. Thanks to their hard work on IC, MEMS sensors, image processing algorithms, and temperature measurement algorithms, wesecuu has been authorized and accepted with 787 intellectual properties.
More than developing, wesecuu is also a manufacturer of thermographic products and solutions. With powerful R&D ability, all the products have completely independent intellectual property rights. wesecuu is well known among global customers for the professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging devices and solutions, which includes infrared detectors, thermal camera modules, thermal screening camera, night vision thermal cameras, and thermographic cameras for temperature measurement, etc.
They have been applied in various fields, including outdoor hunting, night vision, industrial thermography, surveillance, firefighting, epidemic prevention, smartphone, AI, machine vision, and auto-piloting.

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